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Don't Forget, The Computer and Software is included with price,

Software comes with Nesting!




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Important: Computer and Software -- part of the CNC Plasma Cuttting Sales Deal!

    CNC Cutting Desktop Computer works w/ Standard Scanners for CNC Metal Cutting Art Work!

      Software does it all:

    • Nesting
    • Read DXF and PLT files
    • Flip, mirror, move, or rotate your parts
    • Add lead ins or lead outs to your parts
    • Tile your plot to create multiple parts
    • Open, import, or save designs
    • Change the starting point of your cut
    • Scale your drawing up or down
    • Reverse the cut order
    • Reverse the cut direction
    • Delete line segments
    • Weld broken line segments
    • Draw and cut shapes like rectangles, circles, even animals!
    • And so much more!




    Software Package Includes:

    • Steel Computer Cabinet (Optional)

    • VCarve Pro (With Nesting)

    • Sheet Cam

    • Mach 3 Controller

    • Brand New LapTop Computer with Windows








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